Awareness Program on Prevention of Spinal Cord Injuries

Indian Spinal Injury Center celebrates 5th September as World Spinal Injury Day. On this occasion, team of students under the guidance of Rehabilitation Counsellor, Mr Shivjeet Singh Raghav played a “nukkad natak” on causes and prevention of spinal cord injuries. The skit was very insightful & conveyed the importance of incorporating precautionary measures such as avoiding drink & drive situation, using seat belts & helmets while driving etc. Mr Shivjeet Singh who himself is quadriplegic from last 37 years talked at length on the subject. His speech was quite motivating.This was followed by a video showing various causes of spinal cord injuries.

SGT University, faculty of physiotherapy, encourages such awareness talks. We believe its our duty to contribute to society by bringing about the required awareness among youth.

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