Biomechanics & Research Lab

Faculty of Physiotherapy encourages use of research and scientific evidence to guide practice decisions. Being a part of University which promotes integration of education with research and innovation , a lot of opportunities are provided to staff and students to carry out their research studies. To promote Research in field of Physiotherapy a Research and Biomechanics lab has been established  with all the latest  equipments for conducting research in all the fields of physiotherapy (sports, ortho, cardio, neuro, paediatrics, CBR, OBG, etc).

Guided by the experienced faculty, under graduate and post graduate  students are actively involved in research studies. Hence, they create their own evidence base for treatments.

Research and Biomechanics lab of Faculty of Physiotherapy is equipped with ultra modern machines and instruments that are used for Research purpose. Instruments included are-

  • Body unweighing system with sensory reeducation
  • Sensory Evaluation Kit,
  • Dynamometer,
  • Wrist Evaluation Kit,
  • Body composition analyzer,
  • Gait trainer for Parkinson’s patients
  • Manual muscle tester etc.

Some of the equipments have been designed and innovated by students of Physiotherapy in collaboration with Faculty of engineering as part of inter disciplinary research and are currently being utilized for research work –

  • Multi exercise Unit
  • Easy move scooter
  • Electromagnet rehab unit
  • Aqua pes Rehab Unit
  • Mouth mask
  • Wrist forearm hand mobilizer
  • Tilt table Ergometer
  • CPM Spine
  • Intermittent claudication cuff
  • Facial Muscle Splint
  • Multipurpose trainer facilitating Neuro muscular coordination
  • Wrist Angle Band

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