Curriculum | Bachelor of Physiotherapy | PHARMACOLOGY | Paper Code – 03050203

                                                          Bachelor of Physiotherapy- II year

Paper Code – 03050203




TIME: 3Hrs.

Note: For Paper setters /Examiners

  • Paper setter is required to set eight questions from the entire syllabus out of which 5 questions is to be attempted, each carrying 16 marks.


S.No Topic Learning Objectives

(At the end of the session the student should be able to)

   Teaching Guidelines Methodology Time
1 GENERAL PHARMACOLOGY Describe pharmacology ,its division ,routes of administration,factor affecting dose of a drug and various mechanism of action of a drug. To cover:

1.      Definition division of pharmacology, dosage, forms, drug nomenclature.

2.      Routes of administration, advantages & disadvantages of commonly used routes of administration.

3.      Factors affecting dose of a drug,bioavailability and other important pharmacokinetic parameters.

4.      Various mechanism of action of a drug.

5.      Adverse drug reaction include drug.

6.      Adverse drug reaction including drug allergy idiosyncrasy. Drug interactions synergism antagonism etc

Lecture discussion/SIS 10
2 Autonomic Nervous system Describe the various drugs including their mechanism ,uses ,therapeutic uses and adverse effects on Autonomic Nervous System To cover

1.      Sympatho mimetic drug, therapeutic uses of adrenaline etc.

2.      Beta adrenergic blockers & alpha adrenergic blockers.

3.      Para sympatomimetic drug, their therapeutic uses and uses and adverse effects and treatment of myasthenia gravis.

4.      Atropine, Atropine substitute & treatment of organ phosphorus poisoning

Lecture discussion/SIS 8
3 PERIPHERAL NERVOUS SYSTEM &AUTOCOIDS Describe the various drugs including their mechanism ,uses ,therapeutic uses and adverse effects on Peripheral Nervous System with special emphasis on muscle relaxants To cover

1.      Skeletal muscle relaxants.

2.      Centrally acting muscle relaxants.

3.      Local anaesthetics.

4.      Anti histaminics (HI blockers).



Lecture discussion/SIS 12
4 Central nervous system


Describe the various drugs including their mechanism ,uses ,therapeutic uses and adverse effects on  Central Nervous System


With special emphasis on anti parkinsonian drugs and NSAIDS

To cover

1.      Pre Anaesthetic medication & G.A. and steps of anaesthesia.

2.      Analgesics – NASID’s Opioids.etc.

3.      Anti – Parkinsonian drug & Treatment of neurodegenerative disorders.

4.      Sedative & hypnotics & Treatment of Insomnia.

5.      Antiepileptic drug & Treatment of epileptics.

6.      Ethyl alcohol drug of addiction treatment of Methyl alcohol poisoning

7.      Drug used in common psychiatric disorders

Lecture discussion/SIS 13
5 ENDOCRINES Describe the various drugs including their mechanism ,uses ,therapeutic uses and adverse effects on Endocrine  System To cover

1.      Anti diabetes drug Treatment of Diabetes mellitus & Diabetic keto acidosis.

2.      Gluco corticoids.

3.      Anabolic steroids.

4.      Ca++Metabolism, Treatment of osteoporosis etc.

5.      Thyroid and anti thyroid drugs


Lecture discussion/SIS 12


Describe the various drugs including their mechanism ,uses ,therapeutic uses and adverse effects on Gastrointestinal System To cover

1.      Laxative & purgative and treatment of constipation.

2.      Anti diarrhoeal drugs & treatment of diarrhoea.

3.      Drug for gastric and peptic ulcer.

4.      Anti emetics

Lecture discussion/SIS 5
7 CHEMO-THERAPY Describe the various drugs used in chemotherapy and their indications To cover

( General consideration with use of AMA)

1.      Penicillin’s &Sulphonamides.

2.      Broad spectrum Antibiotics.

3.      Aminoglycosides & Treatment of urinary tract infection.

4.      Macrolides & Misc. AMA.

5.      Quinolones.

6.      Anti TB, HIV, AIDS drugs.

7.      Anti leprosy drug

8.      Introduction to anti cancer drugs

9.      Treatment of amoebiasis, helminthes infection.

10.  Antifungal drugs.

11.  Anti septic& disinfectants

Lecture discussion/SIS 10


Describe drugs used for cardiovascular disorders and heamatological diseases To cover

1.      Anti hypertensive& Treatment of hypertension etc.

2.      Anti angina drug& Treatment of MI.

3.      Drugs used in shock, Treatment of anaphylactic shock and Hemorrhagic shock etc.

4.      Iron – deficiency anemia and other anaemias.

5.      Antiplatelet drug, anticoagulants, fibrinoyltic agents



Lecture discussion/SIS 5


Describe drugs acting on skin and their mechanism

Describe drugs used bronichial asthma

Describe general principles of treatment of poisioning

Describe various drugs banned in sports

Describe various vaccinations

To cover

1.      Drug acting on skin e.g. Lotions liniments ointments.

2.      Vitamins

3.      Heavy metal antagonists & general principles of treatment of poisoning.

4.      Antitussives & Bronchial asthma drugs.

5.      Drugs banned in sports & Athletes.

6.      Vaccines & sera, Immunization schedule.



Lecture discussion/SIS 5

 Recommended books

  1. Essentials of pharmacology by Surendra Singh
  2. Pharmacology by Bhattacharya Sen ray choice editor P.K. Das
  3. Clinical Pharmacology by Sennet.