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PAPERCODE- 03050407

Physiotherapy  Ethics & Law



Examination TIME: 3 HOURS


Note: For Paper setters /Examiners

  • Paper setter is required to set eight questions from the entire syllabus out of which 5 questions is to be attempted, each carrying 16 marks.


COURSE OBJECTIVES: The objectives of this course is that after 80 hours of lectures and discussion the students is able to know about evolution of Physiotherapy, identify various laws and regulation that should be followed during clinical practice of Physical Therapy.


Unit Topics Learning Objectives (At the end of the session the student should be able to) Teaching Guidelines Teaching Methodology Time
I History of Physiotherapy Describe the History of Rehabilitation treatment (including therapeutic exercises) from ancient times.

Describe the History of Physical Therapy Profession

To Cover:

·         History of Rehabilitation treatment (including therapeutic exercises) from ancient times.

·         History of Physical Therapy Profession

–          Division of Special Hospitals & Reconstruction

–          Development of Professional Organization

–          Professional & Educational Development

–          Social Development of Physical Therapy

–          Expansion of Physical Therapy Profession

Lecture Presentation


Poster Presentation

10 Hrs.
II Philosophical statements of Physiotherapy Define the Physiotherapy To Cover: Philosophy and Philosophical statements of Physiotherapy Lecture Presentation


6 Hrs.
III Ethical Principles in health care Enable the students to act in the best interest of the patient/client. To Cover: Major Ethical principles applied to moral issue in health care Lecture Presentation


Group Discussion

8 Hrs.
IV Professional conduct The relevant ethical, moral, legal and professional considerations that underpin the thinking behind the Rules of Professional Conduct and should be referred To Cover: Rules of professional conduct:

–          Scope of practice

–          Relationships with patients

–          Confidentiality

–          Relationships with professional staff and carers

–          Duty of report

–          Advertising

–          Sales of services and goods

–          Personal and professional standards

Lecture Presentation



Group Discussion


10 Hrs.
V Scope of practice Describe the need to work safely and competency.

Identify the common law duty of care to patients

To Cover:  Scope of practice :

–          Scope of practice of the profession

–          Scope of practice of the individual

–          Competence/continuing professional development

–          Extension of practice/innovation

–          Duty of care/civil liability

–          Professional liability insurance

–          delegation

Lecture Presentation



Group Discussion




10 Hrs.
VI Relationship with patients Describe the respect of patient in all aspects of the Physiotherapeutic relationship To Cover:

Relationship with patients:

–          Informed consent

–          Touching patients

–          Record keeping

–          Reluctance to treat a particular patient

–          Use of chaperones

–          Patient and their refusal care

–          Interpreters

–          Inappropriate relationships with patients

–          The legal framework within which Physiotherapists practice

Lecture presentation


Group Discussion






6 Hrs.
VII Relationship with colleagues Enables to respect the right, knowledge and skills of colleagues and other health care Professionals To Cover:

Relationship with medical collegues:

–          Consultation

–          Patient/ Provider Relationship

–          Disparagement

Lecture Presentation



Group Discussion


4 Hrs.
VII Professional standard Identify the professional standards of Physical Therapist To Cover: Professional standard

–          Practice

–          Professional Education

–          Continuing Education

–          Research

Lecture Presentation


Group Discussion



4 Hrs.
VIII Sale of goods  To know about the various rules in sales of goods To Cover:

Sale of goods

–          Contract of sale

–          Transfer of property

–          Goods

–          Conditions & Warranties

–          Delivery of Goods to buyer

–          Rights of unpaid seller against the goods

–          Measure for compensation & damages

Lecture Presentation




4 Hrs.
IX Licensing & Accreditation To know about various Professional & Government Licensing To Cover: Professional and government licensing, Accreditation. Lecture Presentation

Group Discussion

8 Hrs.
X Laws & Legal concepts Understand the laws & Regulations to be followed in Physical Therapy Practice To Cover:

Laws and legal concepts

·        Confidentiality and responsibility

·        Law.

·        Legal concepts

·        Protection from Malpractice claims.

·        Consumer protection Act.

·        Liability and Documentation

Lecture Presentation




Group Discussion




10 Hrs.

Book References.

  1. Professionalism in Physical Therapy- Swisher
  2. Medical Ethics- By. CM. Francis.