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Physiotherapy Management In Neurological Disorders

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S. No TOPIC LEARNING OBJECTIVES (At the end of the course the student shall be able to) Teaching Guidelines Methodology Time
1.        Physiotherapy management in different neurological condition To assess and treat various neurological conditions through Physiotherapeutic techniques. To Cover

·      Degenerative and movement Disorders:

o   Parkinsonism,

o   Tremors,

o   Chorea,

o   Dystonia,

o   Ballismus,

o   Athetosis

·      Infections Disorders:

o   Meningitis,

o   Encephalitis,

o   Brain abscess,

o   Transverse myelitis,

o   Poliomyelitis etc

·      Deficiency Disorder & Nutritional Disorders

·      Epilepsy

·      Tumors of cranial bones, brain, tumors in spinal cord and other space occupying lesions

·      Congenital & heredity disorders:

o   Cerebral palsy,

o   Cerebral malformations,

o   Spinal malformation ,

o   Hydrocephalous etc

·      Head Injury:

o   Comatose patient,

o   Closed skull fractures,

o   Haematomas : sub-dural, epidural and intra-cerebral and re-construction

o   Operations in head injuries

·      Spinal Cord injury:

o   Acute cord injury,

o   Slow progressive compression of spinal cord

·       Disorders of muscle:

o   Muscular dystrophy,

o   Inflammatory disorders of muscle,

o   Myotonic disorders,

o   Endocrine and metabolic myopathies.

·      Cranial & peripheral nerve disorder:

o   Neuropathies,

o   Reflex sympathetic dystrophy

·       Disorder of cerebral circulation:

o   Stroke

o   TIA

·       Disorders of Vestibular system

·       Ataxia : types and its management

·      Cerebellar disorders

·      Demyelinating disorders

·      Autoimmune disorders :

o    MND,

o    Myaesthenia gravis

·      Geriatric Physiotherapy

o  Degenerative disorders

o  Falls in elderly

Lecture Discussion

Students seminars

Case discussion

OPD and IPD visits


2.        Advanced Neuro-therapeutic techniques To demonstrate and implement various new emerging neurological Physiotherapeutic techniques To Cover

·      Neuro Developmental Techniques

·      Proprioceptive Neuro Muscular facilitation

·      Roods approach: Principles and Techniques

·      Motor Relearning program

·      Vojta Techniques: Principles & Techniques

·      Brunstrom Approach: Principles & Techniques

·      Neural mobilsation

·      Hydrotherapy: Principles, Techniques & Usage

·      Biofeedback:History, Principles, Indications & Usage

Lecture Discussion

Students seminars

Case discussion

OPD and IPD visits


3.        Exercise physiology & exercise prescription in neurology To understand the general basic principle of prescribing the exercises knowingly its physiological effects.


To prescribe the exercise protocol for certain specific diseased conditions.

To Cover

A)    General Consideration in Exercise Prescription:

•        General principles of exercise testing

•        General principles of exercise prescription

•        Importance of difference between men and women for exercise testing and exercise prescription

•        Importance of aging for exercise testing and exercise prescription

•        Importance of environmental factors for exercise testing and exercise prescription

•        Effects of exercise on various     hormones in the body.
B)    Exercise Prescription for following neurological conditions

·         Stroke

·         Geriatrics

·         Disorders of muscle like    muscular dystrophy

·         Demyelinating disorders

·         Autoimmune disorders

·         Cerebral palsy

·         Degenerative and movement disorders

·         Traumatic conditions

Lecture Discussion

Students seminars

Case discussion

OPD and IPD visits




Book References

  • Clinical neurology : Victor Adams
  • Brain’s textbook of clinical neurology
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