International Collaboration

Today begins a new chapter in the history of SGT University, since a Memorandum of Understanding has been signed between Binawan Institute of  Health  Sciences, Aisyiayah Pontianak College of Nursing, Indonesia and Faculty of Physiotherapy, Faculty of Nursing and Faculty of Allied Health Sciences, SGT University, India.SGT University is proud to have Collaboration between Indonesian College and three of its esteemed Faculties. This international collaboration is expected to boost the vision of the University to become a renowned institute in the field of research and education.At present this agreement is made as a gesture of goodwill between the two institutions, which may see the development of the links in the areas of:

  1. Learning and teaching including the development of academic programs and clinical practices.
  2. Exchange of students and faculty.
  3. Development of joint academic programs for undergraduate and post-graduate students.
  4. Development of collaborative research projects.

The event was witnessed by distinguished dignitaries from both institutions. Dr Imam Waluyo,MBA, Dr Muhammad Arsyad Subu,MSN,PhD, Dr MFL Dhianiwaty SpTh and Dr Tilawaty Aprina Mkes were warmly welcomed by honorable Vice Chancellor  Dr I J Singh Mann, Registrar Dr HK Pir,Pro Vice Chancellor,Dr Dalip Singh,Director IQAC & Prof. Emeritus Dr T D Dogra, Dean International Affairs Dr Grover, Director Medical Sciences, Dr Kamlesh Kohli,Dean Physiotherapy Dr Joginder Yadav, from SGT University.

Dr Sheetal Kalra , gave a brief review of SGT University and introduced the guests to the students. MOU was signed by Registrar  from SGT University on 22 August 2017.

A day before, the foreign delegates were taken for sight seeing to one of the seven wonders of the world,the Taj Mahal, to make their travel in Indian territory memorable & beautiful.

Signing of MOU was followed by a technical discussion between the representatives from the two institutions on 23 August 2017. Agenda of this discussion was to have a better understanding of how to take his collaboration further and make it beneficial for all. It was proposed:

  1. Faculty of Physiotherapy shall begin certification courses for the foreign students.
  2. Faculties shall be exchanged between both the institutions.
  3. Students from Binawan Institute of Health  Sciences, Aisyiayah Pontianak,Indonesia shall be allowed internship program at SGT University,India.
  4. Students from SGT University shall be welcome for pursuing Masters program at Binawan Institute of Health
  5. Faculty from SGT University shall be welcome to present scientific papers at international conferences conducted in future by Binawan Institute of Health  Sciences, Aisyiayah Pontianak,Indonesia
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